Sunday, 18 November 2012

Bonfire day

Great day down the allotment today.

Probably the most productive day we have had down there for a long while. Looks like the cauliflowers are coming through but i cant be sure, they may well be weeds ;-)

Burnt loads of old crap that was left on the plot, bits of wood and pallet i cant find any use for.

Collected up loads of the brambles & nettles we had chopped back since we got the plot & burnt that.

Arleya enjoying a good bonfire just like i used to with my dad. I also used the last of the dug up chicken wire which I've ran down from the shed. If anyone wants to break in and nick stuff I've made it pretty awkward now. If anyone trys to break in, they have to break two padlocks & will get nicely cut up on wire & bramble

Had a bit of a picnic

The good life.
Was a really nice sunny day today, so we had a picnic down the allotment. Excuse the Mo on my face. Arleya has given up a months pocket money for me to do it.
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Knocked together a frame for the last bed we dug. I only have enough decent wood for one more so will have to run up one of the garden centres to scrounge some more pallets.
We have four beds completely ready now & dug out a fifth today. Needs another going over and the frame built. Will go for a total of 8 beds for growing all down the right hand side. Although i need to work out where all the fruit trees are going to go.
Quite nice having the footpaths between the beds. Starting to look like everything is coming together.

Cleared out the shed

Got a little bench now, tea making facilities will be incorporated next time i'm there
Knocked up a third compost bin out of my last pallet. Filled that up with leaves to make some mulch.

Good days work

Will clear the are where the plastic table is next time i go down. This will be a seating area under the tree ready for next summer :-)

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