Saturday, 29 September 2012

Wild flowers

Just back from the allotment. Latest progress is

Two wild flower beds dug and seeds planted

Third bed is now finished and covered. Will start on a fourth next week. I'm currently injured from a big cycle event so no training for me, on the plus side should mean i have more time down the allotment.

I think my cauliflower seedlings  have been eaten or i have pulled them up thinking they were weeds. Going forwards i will grow seedlings in pots then plant out. At least i'll know what they look like them.

Bit peeved at Norwich City council.  Took on my plot earlier this year with an annual rent of £37.50. I then got a rate increase to £42.50 for the next year. No worries about the small increase. However, also in the letter was a notification that rent was jumping up to £70 in 2013???? Although still not a lot for a year i thought the huge increase is a bit harsh.

Bonfires allowed o the plots from next week which is good as ive saved up quite a it of stuff to burn. Sould be good forma big clear out next week. Also need to get back down with the strimmer again to keep on top of some areas.

Thats all for now.

Happy gardening

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