Saturday, 1 September 2012


Slow progress but progress nethertheless

From a 10 days ago

Managed to remove all god foresaken chicken wire now & strim the whole plot right down.

Unearthed a ready built raised bed so dug that over & covered it. Two beds done now 

Acquired a water butt, 6 x paving slabs, bag of bark chippings & some garden canes off freecycle today.


Popped down to weed & water the cauliflower bed. Snipped a few more brambles. Think i'm going to have a digging out brambles blitz.


Managed to get some old carpet off freecycle today

Dug over the second bed again & weeded the cauliflower bed. Weeding isnt taking long now.

My net tunnels arrived. Got them off ebay, two for £25 including postage. Big enough to cover a 3m by 1.2m bed.

So covered the cauliflower bed today with net cloche.

Dug a third bed, clearing all the grass and crap. Will need to go over it again to remove more roots.

Split up loads of pallets so have enough wood to build a couple more beds. Left my saw at home so that put pain to building them today.

Covered all dug beds & more with the carpet.

Need to order some wild flower mixes now as i want to have lots of wild flowers down there. Hopefully plant the right ones to attract friendly bugs

Net cloche & bed number 3 started

Carpet down. Plot looks better than it did when i first go it

Happy Gardening

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