Wednesday, 15 August 2012

First bed

Quite a transformation when i look at the first pics to the ones i took today.

Had a bit of a break from it as we have been on holiday & also to some Olympic events.

Sourced some more pallets off Freecycle & built a workbench. Used some of it to knock together the first raised bed as well.

Finished the first bed and planted some cauliflower seeds.

Should i cover the bed in net, polythene or fleece?

Marked out the next bed to start on. I also have a hug pallet for making another compost bin. Just two more chicken wire mesh beds to clear. I bloody hate chicken wire. There also appears to be a buried which i need to uncover.

Still loving it, be able to spend a bit more time down there from mid September once my last big even has finished. Half Ironman in Ely this weekend, National Triathlon relays in Nottingham the following weekend then a 4 day cycling challenge in September.

So, here are the latest pics

New bench & roof

First bed & Cauliflower planted

looks a lot less daunting now
Happy gardening

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