Monday, 30 July 2012

Slow Progress

Progress is slow, hindered by the heat on my week off but still managed to get down most days till Friday. Weekend was spent down at Box Hill in Surrey for the Olympic road race.

Carried on clearing nettles,weeds & brambles, chicken wire buried everywhere which is a mare, only two more patches of that to clear now though.

Sourced an old bunk bed off freecycle & used the wood to repair the knackered shed roof. Got a roll of Homebase felt for £11 to finish the job.

First 3m x 1.2m bed is almost cleared & ready to have something planted. Any suggestions? Was thinking Cauliflower.

Started a compost heap off.

Went to a garden centre & got chatting to a guy in the yard, he let me take 6 pallets away. Not sure what to make with them yet, again, any suggestions other than compost bin?

Used some of the dug up chicken wire to fence off the whole of the front of the plot.

Loving it, although from years of working in an office my hands have gone a bit soft. Had to deal with some nice blisters.

Dig Dig Arleya

First raised bed nearly done
Bit busy with Ironman training and a holiday over the next couple of weeks s not sure how much more will get done.
Hopefully be able to get down for a few hours on Saturday.

Got some money for my birthday so going to treat myself to some new tools.

Happy Gardening

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