Sunday, 22 July 2012

Let the clearing commence

Phoned the Council on Monday to say i would like to accept the jungle plot. Contract & rules arrived on Thursday, I went in to the the council offices Friday lunchtime. Paid £7 for the remainder of the year & was given my key :-)

I then had to try schedule in my training activity, Arleyas activities & allotment time. Think i can do 3-4 hours a day at the weekend & maybe a couple of hours during the week. However, off work this week so going to try spend at least 3 hours a day down there during the week.

So, drove over to mums on Saturday and picked up the Strimmer. She kindly gave me a spade, fork, dutch hoe & a rake so thats saved me a few quid. Got back home at 3pm & went straight over to the plot with wife & daughter. Made good progress for day one i think

Went down again today & managed to do some more strimming. I also went round and chopped all the brambles so should be able to keep on top of them now.

Discovered a compost area so cleared that out & started making use of it. Arleya began digging the first plot. Hopefully get that done in time to get something we can sow in July.

Not looking as grim as it did yesterday although the effort it's take to dig a small patch, i think it's going to take a couple of years to get it how i want it.

I've drawn up a rough plan which i'll post later. It will basically bee raised beds running down the right hand side . Left side will have the poly tunnel, chicken coop & shed. We are also going to have a seating area as you walk in with wild flowers so we can sit & relax, have a picnic, admire our handy work.

Ordered a few books. I'm already halfway through John Harrisons 'The Essential Allotment Guide' I've also ordered a chicken keeping book & monthly vegetable guide.

That will do for this week. happy gardening


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