Saturday, 24 November 2012

We love freecycle

Picked up a big bunch of wooden planks today.
Sourced off freecycle for nothing.

20 planks, 3metres by 30cm. Quickly knocked together 3 to create a raised bed. Simple and perfect, not half the faffing I've had making the other ones.

However, now thinking i could use them to extend the shed. Design in progress.

As i was leaving got talking to an old boy who has a plot opposite me. Friendly old fellow, retired and spends 3 days a week fishing, the rest down his allotment. Happy days.
Seems very knowledgeable. Showed me where i had Raspberry canes already growing so that's saved me a few quid buying more. I thought they were brambles. Will move them to my planned Raspberry bed next time I'm down there.
Told me about a guy down there who sells  manure at £15 a load & who i can buy fresh eggs off.
He also showed me what i can leave in the ground when digging & what i need to make sure i get out.
Apparently the tree on my plot is an Elderberry & attracts blackfly so would be a good idea to chop it down
Only a quick visit down there today but some valuable learns
Next jobs
  • Move raspberry canes
  • Creosote raised beds
  • Use planks
  • Start digging bed number 6

Thats it for now, not sure when i'll get down there next as the next 3 Friday nights are Christmas parties. Theres always a chance i wont over induldge in the alcohol but that is a very slim chance :-)

Happy Gardening

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  1. Before you chop down the Elderflower tree, have a look for growing something that Blackfly like more, or how to keep blackfly away.

    Think of all the Elderflower wine you could be experimenting with!