Monday, 6 May 2013

Things are growing

Haven't done an update for a while, probably due to the fact nothing over exciting has happened down the allotment.
Most of the seeds i grew in the conservatory & planted out, died after getting caught out with the late frosts.

So, plan B. Chuck the seeds straight into the beds. Been a hassle and disappointment growing my own stuff from seed. May give it a go next year now I've built my cold frame down the allotment.

Bought some seedling peas  from Homebase and planted them straight in. A bit more expensive than seed but certainly a lot less agro.

Also built a frame type thing which i will cover in net to keep the birds off , plus covered one side with all the mesh stuff  that I'd dug up.  Peas can grow up this.

Cold frame & big frame thing cost nothing, all built from free cycle finds and junk left on the allotment.

Well, pictures tell the best story of progress so here you go.

With my best mate at the allotment

Wild flowers blooming

Family outing

My cold frame made from recycled items

Frame thing. I've got two Blackberry bushes & one Black current bush on the left hand side.
Peas planted on the right side

Should be ideal for the beans/peas to grow up

Man work. Hottest day of the year. My leg is bandaged up due to tendonites in my ankle from the London Marathon & 5k Swimathon.

Bit sceptical if these are going to turn out to be cauliflower.

Garlic is buzzing

Raspberries going well

Wont be short of strawberries this year. These have all been donated by fellow plot holders. I think there is a random bit of rhubarb in here as well

More strawberries, Radish & Beetroot in these two

Arleya made signs for everything

Frame thing. Just need to get some netting to cover it now
Next jobs then.

I have enough wood to do one more raised bed.
We also have a bunch of spuds to go in once they shoot.
Clear a bit more space for our sitting area
Dig out some more nettles and remaining brambles
Prepare the area behind my frame read for a greenhouse/pollytunnel
Hopefully eating some produce :-)



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