Sunday, 26 May 2013

First harvest

First Harvest. 16th May 2013

Have pulled out all the Radishes now so ready to put another batch in. Ants had a good feast on a lot of the last ones. Will have to have a read up and how to reduce that.

20th May 2013

Got back from my triathlon (The Slateman) in Wales to find a letter from Norfolk County Council saying that i haven't been cultivating my plot enough. Especially the left hand side.
Pissed me off when i considered how much work had been done & how hard it had been so far digging out all the rubbish, in particular the deep rooted brambles etc.

Remember Ive only had the plot 9 months & we have had a awful long winter so in my opinion progress hasn't been too bad. Thankfully i have documented all the progress here with photos, which i forwarded on to the council. I haven't heard anything back. Perhaps they are writing similar letters to the councillor who owns the untouched plot three down from me (mmm, i wonder)

The letter stated there would be a further inspection in a month & i could potentially lose the plot if it dosent meet their criteria.Watch this space.

21st May 2013

As i was off last Tuesday following the weekends triathlon i was able to get down the plot. Have had to change my plans now & start digging over the left side just to satisfy the councils 'expert' opinion in what order i should be developing the plot. Dug out another 3m x 1.5m bed. Wife turned up to help as well, just has i was packing up, good timing there.

25th May 2013

Did a bit more development of the left side today. The plot holder opposite came over for a chat, which was rather long & did hold me up quite a bit. However, he is a really friendly old boy & gives some great advice so it's all good. Biggest shocker was what we thought were cauliflower were actually weeds, so that bed has now been dug over and lettuce planted.

He also inspected some of the other beds & identified seedlings that were veg, happy days. He showed me round his plot which looks fantastic & is immaculate.  gave me more tips on what to do. Everything was so neat and tidy in perfect rows. I offered to swap plots but unfortunately he wasn't interested.

Compare this to the below & tell me i haven't been cultivating it NCC!

Clearing this wasn't just a case of strimming it down. I have spent the best part of the last 9 months digging out the roots of brambles etc.
Planted Beetroot in the latest bed. Ran out of boarding so no raised beds for now

Planning to dig over the whole patch where the carpet is on Bank holiday Monday. Also turns out i have Artichokes growing between the two raised beds in the forefront of this picture.
Bank Holiday Monday job will be to dig out another bed & also give the plot a good strimming again. Keep the grass at bay. Will also get some weedkiller on the pathways now.



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