Friday, 22 February 2013

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Not updated the blog in a while, but things have been a bit slow down the lotty over winter. Anyway, back with a vengeance now.

9th February 2013

Got down the allotment for the first time in a while. Dug over the existing beds again and continued to extract roots and weeds.

Soil was really sticky and clay like, not surprising though considering the amount of rain we have had.

Mini greenhouse now set up in the conservatory & i bought potting compost and trays today. Will get a bunch of seeds started off tomorrow.

16th February 2013

Got down the allotment again for a couple of hours. Bit better progress today as the ground was a lot dryer.

Dug out bed number seven but couldn't build the edging as no daughter with me help lift it into place. Couldn't strip out the brambles down the back of the latest section either due to my gloves being in the car, with my wife.

Still, the hard work was done & can do the rest next week. Off work Thursday& Friday so hoping to get lots of digging done.

Found a lot of garlic in the bit i dug out today so scooped that up and planted it into a mini bed i quickly dug out. May do a few small beds for wilds flowers and herbs in them.

Bed number seven


Conservatory Greenhouse. Bought a bag of potting compost that i thought would be enough to fill my 10 trays. Bit of a disappointment when it only filled three of them.
Planted some Cress, Tomato's & Basil. Will buy some more stuff this week and plant some more.

I'm not actually going to sow anything directly outside as i find it hard to tell what is a weed and what is not.

22nd February 2013

Dug a 1.5 metre square bed today for wife's planned herb garden. Council had dropped off loads of wood chippings so i wheel barrowed  loads over and put it down between the existing beds.

Was pretty cold today, even started snowing a few times. Arleya spent 3 hours just sat in the shed with a face like a slapped arse. Soon warms up if you do some work!!

Be back down there tomorrow to burn off some of the crap i cleared out today, forgot to take a lighter.
Not many brambles left & doesn't seem daunting at all now, although there will still be plenty of weeding to going forward but at least it will be manageable now.

Next job is also to clear round the Elderberry tree for a sitting area & also clear a few more brambles for another wild flower bed.

Photos - re posted July's pics when i first took on the plot

Today's pictures

Be glad when i get the beds all planted now. See some reward for the hard digging work



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