Sunday, 6 January 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Doesn't feel like i have done an allotment update for a while. Probably due to the fact i haven't done anything down there for a while.

Busy year coming up, main focus getting my training in for Ironman UK in August. Not only have I had to diary all my training times to fit in with other stuff & Arleyas activities, I've had to diary in allotment time. Also have the added inconvenience of having to take the wife to work and pick her up at 3pm on weekends due to her job being a bit further away from home now as well.

Until August i should be able to get down the plot for a few hours every Saturday, after that a bit more. Will also be able to get down for an hour a couple of evenings a week once the days get a bit longer.

So, despite having a deadly case of man flu, I made it down the plot for a couple of hours today. Turned out to be quite productive. We managed to clear another 3m x 1.5m bed & build the edging.

6 Beds dug

looks a bit different to what it did when we took it on
First day at the plot was grim
So, conservatory is going to be used as a greenhouse this year. That announcement didn't go down as bad as i thought it might as it goes :-)

Planting plan for this year.

Raspberry - Already in
Cauliflower - Already in
Sweet pepper
Herb Garden

Next weeks plan is to keep digging out weed from existing beds and start on number 7 bed.

Happy Gardening

Time to get fit blog

The Cycling Norfolk Church Spotter

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