Monday, 1 July 2013

We have a greenhouse

1st July 2013

Finally got a greenhouse. Purchased from Ebay for £41.

Had a nightmare dismantling it as the guy i brought it off gave me duff info on the tools i needed to take it down then he cleared off and left Arleya & me to it. On top of that it heaved it down with rain and we got soaked.

I ended up having to bend and fold aluminium frame to ram it into my car. Also managing to pierce the vinyl on my car door and dashboard. grrrrr.

Starting to get lots of strawberries now, also harvested the rhubarb and made a crumble out of that.

Put the greenhouse up this weekend. Thankfully it went up a lot easier than it came down. I need to do something about the missing glass though. I will try to fill in most of the greenhouse gaps with plastic bottles.

Sprouts have been getting savaged by the pigeons so Ive now built a frame over them and netted that. Our old mate also trotted over with some cabbage plants so they have also gone in.

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